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The operation of the INFO page Társközvetítő business services.

The site features a user account to use at their own risk.

By registering, agrees that there is Joseph offensive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, and in any other way illegal posts. IP address of all contributors.

The Service is resulting from the use of direct or indirect damages of any Service Provider shall not be held responsible.

The user's registration, and the entry states that it accepts and considers itself bound by this policy.


Register, upload images


* Registration of the condition of existing e-mail address or telephone number. Person under 14 can not register under the Act.

* The User acknowledges that it has provided registration data is public.

* A man may have only one registration. If multiple registrations are detected, the immediate subject to immediate deletion.

* The registration sheet should be prepared to upload an image to the user. The images are going through continuous evaluations, if the image is not likely to represent the user will be deleted.

* The technical requirements for uploading files:
        o size does not exceed 400KB cent,
        oa jpg or gif file format should be.

* The Service Provider may at any time, without reason, cancel, or change the user's registration, as well as the details of a case where the service provider and users of the system-specific users or users in small classes - to protect the interests happen.

* To prevent abuse, must not be disclosed (either reglapon), phone number, home address, e mail address and other contact information, personal data (personal identification number, social security number, etc.).

* The registration for commercial use is prohibited! Immediate cancellation of such registration entails.

* The reglap not advertise sex deals - nor even implied!

* The ads on this site are solely responsible for the sender of the ad.

* The operator of the website assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any interference from the use of the site or expression of behavior, offense, including intellectual property rights.


Privacy Policy


INFO Társközvetítő the office - all the laws in force, and the Data Protection Commissioner recommends that - within their respective areas of responsibility will do its utmost to protect users' personal information. The user's own personal information in the My Profile menu box is located a few words about myself may indicate that data later on their own at any time, modify, or delete files.


The Service will not be published to registered users of the data managed by the greatest possible care, however, is not liable for circumstances beyond its control prevents unauthorized third party has access (eg hacker attacks). INFO Társközvetítő reglapokon the office of the reality of the published data does not take any responsibility.




INFO Társközvetítő the office. draws attention to full compliance with current legislation: the Criminal Code of the crimes merit consideration. (1978th ​​Act IV. Tv.) Basis:


* Defamation (179 §): someone who is capable of affecting the other facts before the issue of honor, or rumor, or directly referring to such fact-sensitive case is the term used in public of their
* Defamation (180 §): in addition to the foregoing, the victim care job, közmegbízatásának performance of the activities of public interest or affecting the appropriate use of a term of honor, or other such acts committed by
* Incitement against the community (269 §): who was a great public face of the Hungarian nation, a national, ethnical racial or religious group to hatred against certain groups or floats felony punishable by imprisonment up to three years
* Violation of the National emblem (269 / A §): who is in public before the Hungarian anthem, flag or coat of arms of offensive or demeaning use of a term, or any other act committed by
* Scare-mongering (270 §): who is a big public false information, or to establish facts in a way misrepresent, or rumor, which is capable of disturbing public peace

Közveszéllyel threat * (270 / A §): who is likely to disturb public peace of the other before a suitable issue false information that threatens incident involving közveszéllyel


Moral prejudice to the rights of the Civil Code. basis:


* Protection of individual rights (§ 75): a moral obligation to respect the rights of everyone. These rights are protected by the law, the protection of legal persons are entitled to
* Defamation and discrimination (76 §): a moral prejudice to the rights of individuals to discriminate against any gender, race, nationality or denomination that, and the violation of human dignity and honor
* Protection of Reputation (§ 78): Moral rights include the protection of the reputation among protection, in particular rated injure someone, another person, it is offensive, untrue facts establish, rumor, or fact of false light.
* Hangfelvételével or other image of any abuse of violation of individual rights.

"Computer system and data against crime"


300 / C. § (1) Any person who the computer system of the computer system for the protection of a breach or circumvention of unlawfully enters into or beyond the scope of the right of entry, or it stays in violation, a misdemeanor, and one year imprisonment, community work or a fine.

(2) Any person who

a) stored in the computer system, processed, processed or transmitted information unduly alter, delete or make inaccessible,

b) entering data, transmitting, altering, deleting, or other IT operation in order to prevent unauthorized operation of the system, a misdemeanor, and two years' imprisonment, community work or a fine.

(3) Any person who in order to gain undue

a) the data type in the computer system, it is stored, processed, handled or transmitted data has been changed, deleted or made inaccessible, or

b) entering data, transmitting, altering, deleting or other computer system for operation in order to impede the functioning and thereby causes damage, commits a felony, and three years' imprisonment.

(4) (3) punishment of the crime

a) one year to five years imprisonment if the offense caused substantial damage,

b) two years to eight years imprisonment if the offense is particularly damaging

c) five to ten years imprisonment if the crime is particularly significant harm. "


58. § of the Criminal Code. The following subtitle and 300 / E. §-sal added:


"Computer systems ensuring the protection of technical measures to circumvent

300 / E. § (1) Any person who, 300 / C § In view of the crime was committed, or the necessary computer programs to facilitate this, a password, access code, or computer system allowing access to data

a) prepare a

b) acquires,

c) places on the market, with trades, or otherwise make available, a misdemeanor, and two years' imprisonment, community work or a fine.

(2) (1) according to a criminal who is 300 / C. § In view of the crime was committed or that the necessary facilitation, computer program, password, access code or a computer system allowing access to data relating to the production of economic, technical and organizational skills to make available to others.

(3) is not punishable by (1) a) of the case, who - prior to committing a crime or is necessary to facilitate this program, computer, password, access code or a computer system as a whole or a part of entering data to enable preparation of the attention of the authority would have been received - before revealing the activities of the authority, the authority and such things pass, and allows the other person involved in preparing the establishment of the identity. "

59. § of the Criminal Code. The following subtitle and 300 / F. §-sal added:

"Interpretative provision

300 / F. § A 300 / C. And § 300 / E. § computer system for the purposes of automatic data processing, treatment, storage, or transmission equipment for all devices connected in this. "INFO Társközvetítő The Agency reserves the right to modify these Rules at any time.

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Angliában élő Hölgy keres...

Tisztelt Társkereső Iroda,
Edinának hívnak és szeretnek segítséget kérni a társkeresésben.
33 éves, egyetemet végzett, egyedülálló, fiatal nő vagyok.
Jelenleg Angliában élek, intelligens, iskolázott társ érdekelne, házasság céljából.
Az angolt anyanyelvi szinten beszelem es felelős, vezetői állásom van (Az angol jobban megy mint a magyar). Több országban éltem már, beleértve az USA-t es nagyon szeretnek végre letelepedni es családot alapítani. Angliát nagyon nem szeretem, de a munkám nagy kihívást jelent es sok utazással jár, úgyhogy egyenlőre itt vagyok, de reménykedem hogy valami pozitív kialakul a jövőben.


Floridai Úr megismerkedne egy kedves hölggyel, fényképe látható itt az oldalon. Közvetítését kérheti 0613415955 Forró Magdi


Aktuális apróhirdetés 1 perc alatt feladható oldalon.

USA házasság

Egy olyan hölgyet keresek aki orvos, házasság útján szeretne ki települni az Egyesült Államokba. András, negyvenes szintén diplomás Amerikai Magyar vagyok. Elérhetőségem a társközvetítő irodában.


Észak Amerikai partnerirodánk közreműködésével, Kanadában és az Egyesült Államokban élő hölgyek- urak közvetítésében is segítséget nyújtunk.

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Hölgy/Úrkíséret közvetítés különféle alkalmakra: /vacsorák, partyk, belföldi-külföldi utazások, üzleti tárgyalások, szakmai rendezvények, kiállítások/ intelligens, igényes, nyelveket beszélő úr/hölgy kíséretével. oldalon.

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